On the off chance that you have been harmed in a genuine truck mishap, you may have to make a lawful move against the shipping organization that utilizes the transporter. That may sound clear. Be that as it may, truly, shipping organizations can be extremely hard to manage after a mishap.

Once in a while, finding a shipping organization after a mishap can be a test. That is on the grounds that many shipping organizations work huge armadas of heavy transports and other huge business trucks that movement all through the country. At the point when mishaps occur a long way from the organization’s central command, connecting with somebody there can be almost unimaginable.

Furthermore, regardless of whether you can discover the shipping organization, they may be hesitant to give you the data you need after your business truck mishap. That is the reason it’s important that you contact Ardalan and Associates of Woodland Hills, California. We can assist you with getting the data you need to get the equity you merit after your Southern California crash.


Shipping organizations have a legitimate commitment to keep careful records. After a mishap including a business truck, such records regularly uncover whether the shipping organization abused state or government laws, including Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) guidelines. Such records include:

Support records – Trucking organizations should ensure trucks are in safe working request. This incorporates:

Truck brakes (faulty brakes regularly cause crashes)

Tires (bare tires can be hazardous)

Oil changes (inappropriately working motors can be unsafe)

Recruiting records – Trucking organizations have a lawful commitment to enlist protected, capable transporters. Such drivers should likewise have the legitimate licenses to lawfully work an enormous, business vehicle. In the event that the shipping organization purposely recruited somebody with a background marked by wild driving, that could be utilized as proof to help your mishap guarantee.

Driving records – Some transporters have a background marked by crazy or careless driving. This can incorporate past criminal traffic offenses for speeding, smashed driving or driving without a substantial Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

Review records – The State of California has severe assessment prerequisites for shipping organizations working in the state. We can ensure the shipping organization that utilizes the driver who caused your accident has state-of-the-art investigation records.

Fix records – Serious mechanical issues regularly bring about mishaps. We can confirm if there were issues with the truck and if the shipping organization made remedial moves to fix those issues.

Long stretches of Service logs – The FMCSA requires all drivers to report the quantity of hours they work. That is on the grounds that the FMCSA has exacting cutoff points on how long drivers can function in 24-hour time span. These guidelines exist in light of the fact that drained transporters frequently cause mishaps.

Electronic locally available chronicle gadget records – Many heavy transports and other business trucks are furnished with an electronic installed recorder (EOBR) or programmed locally available account gadget (AOBRD). Such gadgets record a truck’s speed, course and season of activity. These records can be basic in a mishap examination.

Bundling records – Strict principles exist with respect to how much weight trucks can lawfully convey. We can check that the shipping organization observed these principles and didn’t over-burden the truck. Over-burden trucks can without much of a stretch turn throughout or not stop on schedule to maintain a strategic distance from an accident.

Shipping organizations are regularly needed to just save pertinent records for a half year. That is the reason it’s important that you contact a Woodland Hills truck mishap lawyer our law office promptly to examine your truck mishap.


In principle, shipping organizations should give such records to whoever’s researching your truck mishap. Yet, many shipping organizations are regularly hesitant to uncover this data. They may unequivocally decline to turn over their records or even reject that they exist.

We realize how to uncover reality. We realize how to consider shipping organizations responsible for their activities and discover the proof you need to fabricate a solid case. Also, if a shipping organization will not follow our requests, we’re set up to indict them and power them to manage you on your footing.

Shipping organizations don’t threaten us. We perceive that basic data can be utilized to construct a solid lawful argument against a shipping organization, and we’re set up to take the necessary steps to get that data. Discover how we can help you. Contact Ardalan and Associates and timetable your free case assessment at this moment