Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, if you or your family member has been involved in accident contact us immediately we can help you get the money you deserve in your time of need.

The idea behind Pre-settlement funding is that lawsuits can take time and patience. But not all plaintiffs can afford to wait around for the time it might take to win your case, then the appeal, and finally settle the case and get paid.

How long will it take before you actually get your hands on a settlement check? Months? Years? No one can answer that question for sure. That’s why the concept of lawsuit funding was invented. It gives you, the plaintiff, another option beyond endlessly waiting for the cash that’s rightly yours.

What is 247 Fast Funding?

Attorneys settle most lawsuits without going to trial. These settlements can be a long process that can take months or years. There’s no way to determine how long a case will take.

Unfortunately, your bills continue to accumulate while you’re waiting for this legal process to play out. If you received an injury and need medical care, your savings can quickly run out. In addition to the cost of the accident and any associated medical bills, everyday expenses, like groceries and rent, continue to compound your growing debt.

People often take out a loan or use a credit card to pay for these expenses. Interest rates on these loans can be costly to pay off. Taking out loans could also hurt your credit score. Having outstanding debt with a reduced credit score will make it difficult to obtain future loans. A bad credit rating can take years to rebuild.

In cases like these, pre-settlement funding can be a good option. Pre-settlement funding is a cash advance on a small portion of your future settlement that can help you pay your bills now, save your credit score, and prevent you from having to worry about an expensive loan in the future.


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Our app contacts the nearest Guardian attorney to assist you in a span of a few seconds with pin point accuracy when an incident strikes.





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