If you or someone you know has been the victim of a semi truck accident give the 247-Help Group a can we can connect you with a after hours attorney or a Florida  Pre settlement funding agent.

Many times the 247-Help group can get you compensated early on in your lawsuit for a semi truck accident.

You may contact us at 1-888-201-6340 24hrs a day.


When you have been in an accident, the insurance company will try to settle your claim in the most inexpensive way possible.  Most of the time claims are settled out of court.  Even this process can take months or sometimes years.  Cases that usually push forward to trial are the cases the insurance company spent the least amount possible but doesn’t cover all the bills.  The bills continue to add up during the whole process and of course you name is listed as the responsible party.  Pre-settlement funding can be used to cover those bills by giving you cash now when you need it in exchange for a small portion of your awarded funds when your case finally settles.

We can connect you with the Funding Agent that will work for you CALL 1-888-201-6340.

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